Iowa-Missouri Campmeeting

Centralia, MO

My first thought, when invited to Iowa-Missouri last summer, was, “I need to wake up at 6:00 a.m.? Really? Do they not know how much of a morning person I am not! Well, God will provide.” And so He did. Through the presentations, I met many beautiful people and heard many precious testimonies of what God was doing in their hearts. We experienced God’s love deeply this week, and there was no shortage of humor. (Those who were there will know exactly what I am referring to. Don’t make me put it in the newsletter.)

God opened many doors for Renewed Heart Ministries this week, including the possibility of the Review and Herald printing our upcoming book The Awakening by Herb Montgomery.

This year’s theme for the Iowa-Missouri’s Camp Meeting was “Now Is The Time.” I am reminded of God’s words in Ezekiel 16.

” ‘. . . I saw that the time had come for you to fall in love. … Yes, I made a marriage covenant with you, and you became Mine.’ This is what the Sovereign Lord says.” (Ezekiel 16:8, TEV)

Now is the time! Too much time has passed. God is calling all people from far and wide to encounter His heart and proclaim the last message of His mercy to the world! God is moving within the shadows of misrepresentation, and soon He will break forth. The earth will once again be “lightened” with the “revelation of His character of love.” (Revelation 18:1, Christ Object Lessons, p. 415) There is coming a day when we will no longer call Him “Master,” but rather call Him “Husband.” (Hosea 2:16) I look forward to this day. God will have a people who are passionate about Him! Their chief concern (2 Corinthians 5:15) will be for God to feel over-loved and overjoyed as they look beyond concern over their own salvation (Luke 17:33) to the “salvation” of their God from the lies that have been perpetrated in His name. (Revelation 19:1) Certainly we saw this work begin in the hearts of those who saw Him afresh this summer in Iowa-Missouri. Daily testimonies continue to pour into the ministry from the richness of God’s grace that we experienced together, even if it was at 6:00 a.m.