Iowa-Missouri Camp Meeting

Centralia, MO

This was my second summer to speak at the camp meeting held at Sunnydale Academy in Centralia, MO. Both times I have experienced a wonderful moving of God’s grace among our members as—in each presentation—we penetrate deeper into our understanding of God’s heart of infinite love. I was also able to get an update on our long-awaited book, Finding The Father (Seeing God for Who He Really Is), which we have learned is scheduled for release by the Review and Herald on December 15th of this year. I am truly convicted that the concepts found in the pages of this manuscript are timely and extremely relevant to our conception of the type of character we believe our God to have during these closing moments of earth’s history. It need not be mentioned, then, how excited we here at RHM are to see this manuscript being published.

At the camp meeting this summer, I conducted two series of daily presentations—one mid-morning and the other in the evening—both series concluding Sabbath morning by revisiting the clearest revelation of the character of God that, I believe, has ever been given to this planet—The Cross. We looked at how our understanding of Calvary will shape our understanding of God. If we incorrectly understand Calvary, we will see God as a vengeful, blood-thirsty tyrant who needs to be appeased. This false understanding only leaves us in great fear and moves us into a shallower and ever-dwindling decrepit excuse of a relationship with Him. If rightly understood, however, Calvary becomes as the morning dawn in our hearts, dispelling the darkness of lies long held about God, and ushering us into an incredibly dynamic, intimate, and fulfilling relationship with a being who desires to be more than simply our Lord, but also the Lover of our souls.

It is our desire here at Renewed Heart Ministries to release the key presentations from this week as “sermons of the month” over the next few months, with the hope that what many encountered during this short week may bring true renewal to the hearts of all those who enable this ministry to do what it does. May the truth of our God once again light this globe with His Glory!