Kapolei, Hawaii

Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you just felt you were made for it? Well, that’s what it was like this past summer when I received the immense privilege of spending a weekend with the HeartGroup in Kapolei, Hawaii. It was euphoric. On Friday night, we discussed what New Testament ekklesia must have looked like. Then, for the rest of the weekend, we discussed such topics as the ethics of Jesus’ teachings on nonviolent noncooperation, Jesus’ definition of the Gospel as being “Kingdom” centered, and also the topic of radical enemy love and forgiveness.

This group has quite a few folks showing up each weekend—people who had negative experiences growing up attending traditional, Protestant-style church services, or simply have not spent much time attending church services in general. What is transpiring in this not-so-little HeartGroup is nothing short of breathtaking. They meet each weekend to share food and fellowship and to study. In short, they come together to worship! Once a month they also dedicate a whole day to doing some service project for the community that will help others as enlarge the Kingdom as well by putting on display the radical other-centered love of the Father. These guys are doing life together in a beautiful hybrid style, combining both the island concept of ohana (family or community) as well as the New Testament concept of being the body of Christ, with Him as the Head.

I learned so much by hanging out with this group during this time, and I plan on visiting a HeartGroup in Oregon in September of this year. If this group is any indication of what Jesus is doing through the HeartGroups network, I cannot wait to see what Jesus is doing through the group in Oregon!

If you have ever wondered whether you might be interested in starting a HeartGroup, please feel free to check out our HeartGroup page at http://www.rhmheartgroups.com. There, you can find out what a HeartGroup actually is as well as get in touch with one of our coaches if you need help getting started.

To all those who were praying for this event, thank you, sincerely. Jesus showed up among us, and all of us went away energized and further equipped to continue proclaiming, “Christ’s Kingdom has come!” (Mark 1.15)