Good News Tour: Loma Linda University

Loma Linda, CA

” . . . Love is the very flame of the Lord.” -Song of Solomon 8:6, 7

“If God is love, then why is He going to torch us if we don’t love Him back?” That, my friend, is a good question, and one that many are asking today. I was recently asked to address this question, as well as the common teaching of eternal torment, at a convention held in Loma Linda, CA for the purpose of pursuing a better understanding of God’s character of love. I would encourage you to watch this presentation for yourself on our website entitled Love’s Eternal Flame.

Next to the questions surrounding human suffering, the questions surrounding the topic of Hell have kept, and continue to keep, many at bay. Most hearts will not turn toward the type of God described by most presentations of Hell. God is not trying to scare people into following Him. Neither compulsion, manipulation, nor control are His agents. He is ever drawing humanity to see His love in hope that this might awaken love in them. Whether someone follows Him or not, God is ever bestowing life and light upon a persons darkened path, hoping to win them in their heart. May God truly give you understanding into who He is, especially in relation to the subject of the final fate of the lost, as you take advantage of this free video presentation.