Glendale SDA Church & Glenview Academy

Glendale, AZ

“One week in October” is how it all began three years ago. I’ve been in Glendale for the last three Octobers now, and this year we spent one whole week taking time to focus specifically on Calvary and what God was accomplishing for us there. I’ve rarely felt the clarity that we achieved during this week as we studied together the greatest single revelation of God’s love for this lost word—the Cross. These presentations will be available soon for free download for any who are interested in understanding more clearly what Calvary was all about.

Also this year, while in Glendale, I was asked to share with the Academy there in the morning the precious good news of our Father’s love. Morning after morning, we addressed the young peoples’ perceptions of what they felt God was like, while being open to letting God show us the truth concerning Himself. Each morning, the light became brighter and brighter, finally climaxing on Friday, with almost the entire student body making a surrender to God to allow His great love to be the controlling influence in their lives. If any of the students from Glendale happen to be reading, I look forward to being with you again for graduation next May. Til then, keep your eyes on the Cross! It is there and there alone that we see the truth most clearly. May the light of the bright beams of Calvary shine on you all!