February’s Featured Presentation

The Way of Peace


There’s a lot of talk and debate presently concerning Jesus’ teachings on nonviolence. In the wake of films such as Selma and American Sniper, heated discussions have been generated within Christian circles, some on the side of justified violence, others on the side of nonviolent, direct action. Jesus’ nonviolence was not rooted in kindness as much as it was rooted in enemy love.  It’s a confrontational, noncooperative nonviolence that seeks through various means to win oppressors away from their own entrapment in injustice while empowering and equipping the oppressed to reassert their humanity and worth.  It’s a force more powerful when one truly grasps what the Jesus of Matthew, Mark and Luke was offering those who are being dominated and subordinated by others.  If you would like to pursue Jesus’ teachings on nonviolent enemy love as a way, not simply of liberating the oppressed, but also redeeming oppressors, we’d like to offer you this month’s featured presentation—The Way of Peace  by Herb Montgomery