El Dorado Hills Adventist School

Each year, my last series of the year holds special meaning. This year I was given the gift of being able to do my last set of meetings with a group I love to present to—today’s generation. I will admit that kindergarten through eighth grade was fun! But the healing that the message of God’s love did among the high school students was truly amazing to behold. Each day I watched as students began to see God as He really is. I watched as God’s love undid the work of the enemy, corrected so many misunderstandings, and truly changed some very wrong pictures of God held in the hearts of very special young people. I could not have asked for 2008 to have ended with any better experience. I was blessed to be a part of this week, as much if not more than they were. I walked away truly in awe of how stunning our God really is if we can just see His heart.