Coquille SDA Church

Coquille, OR

Coquille is a small town near the coast of central Oregon with a population of a little over 4,000. When I arrived there, I honestly looked up in the sky and asked God, “How did I get all the way here from West Virginia?” Boy, was I in for a surprise. I was not expecting the enormous things that God was going to accomplish through four presentations during a short weekend in this small Oregon community. Visitors from all over the state arrived to take in the blessings that God would pour out, and pour them out He did. There truly is no greater life-changing force than the love that beats in the chest of our God for you and me. Through those presentations, many saw God as they never had before. Some testified that they were seeing His heart for the very first time. When the weekend ended, all who were present experienced the calm sensation that we had been in the presence of something far greater than ourselves and that we had encountered truth, both intellectually and with our hearts. God had come close and many attendees walked away as different people serving, worshiping, and loving a very different God. AMEN!