Clarksburg SDA Church

Clarksburg, WV

Over a year ago, I was given the opportunity to present an evangelistic seminar in Clarksburg, WV. At the beginning of this year, I was privileged to go back again, but this time for a weekend series of presentations. It was in this church that I met a woman who, thirty years ago, gave birth to a son while being an unwed mother. She shared with me that she was told by a minister of an unnamed church at that time that neither she nor her son would ever go to heaven because he was illegitimate. I will never forget the night she came to me after a presentation on God’s forgiveness with tears streaming down her cheeks. Initially all she could say was, “Thank you,” over and over again. She looked into my eyes and then said softly, “For the first time in thirty years, I feel as if there is hope for my son and me. Jesus’ death was for us.” She brought her son the next night, and both gave their hearts to Jesus.