Canadian College University

Lacombe, Alberta

This September, I had the pleasure of sharing with our Canadian students for Canadian College University’s (our Adventist university in the Canadian Union) fall week of prayer. What made this experience truly amazing is that attendance to the University’s week of prayer is strictly “voluntary.” The students are not required to come to the presentations, but once the word got out about what other students were experiencing through the presentations of the gospel each morning and evening, students began attending in droves. This fall week of prayer was reported as being the largest attended week of prayer in the history of the university, with over 90 percent of the student body coming forward and making a decision for Jesus on the closing Sabbath. I wish you could have been there to see the truly heart-stirring response of those young adults to the Gospel as many of them encountered God’s life-changing love for them for the very first time. You can listen to the presentations given during this week for yourself on our website on our Sermons/Downloads page under Resources.