Battlefords, Saskatchewan, CANADA

A God Who Looks Like Jesus
February 21-22, 2014

As I write to you, it is presently -17 °F here in Battlefords—and boy, is it cold! But what the weather has lacked for in warmth this weekend was made up for by the warmth, love and kindness of a little church I have just had the privilege of spending the last twenty-four hours with. I have just finished my final of four presentations, gotten back to the place I am staying, and I had to open my computer and write to you of the beautiful things that I saw happen today for the Kingdom.

The four presentations I gave were:

A Jesus-Like God
The wonderful revelation that God looks like Jesus and why that creates a problem.

God in Conflict
The answer that the Jesus story gives us to the question of why the world could be filled with such suffering if there is a God out there like Jesus.

The Victory of God
Understanding what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has accomplished for every man, woman and child, and what that promises us concerning the restoration of the reign of Christ on Earth once again.

A Jesus-Like Church
One way we can communally (as opposed to individually) practice the one-anothers of the New Testament, being transformed as a body into a church that looks like Jesus, putting on display a God who looks like Jesus, as well as a world that will one day look like Jesus once again.

William Temple once said, “If our picture of God is wrong, the more religious we become, the more dangerous we become to ourselves and to everyone around us.” Where many today are saying that the solution is to throw out the idea of a God entirely, this weekend I proposed what could happen if we simply began to believe that God actually really does look like Jesus. I’ll be placing the four presentations on our website this upcoming week so you, too, wherever this finds you, can participate in last weekend’s events. We eventually become, quite simply, like the God we choose to believe in. To choose to believe that God looks like Jesus and then to allow such a God to love us too should not only make us more loving people, but in so doing create quite a loving world.

For all of you who were praying for this weekend, thank you! God showed up over and over, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ’s reign was enlarged and His Kingdom advanced in the lives and hearts of those who attended.

Check out these presentations later this week. I’m quite sure you’ll be both challenged and blessed as well.

I love you guys,