August’s Sermon of the Month and Website Updates

Hello Everyone!!

Grace, Peace, and Extravagant Love from Him who loves us and continues to spread His love through us to all we meet.

Just a quick news update. We just now posted August’s sermon of the month on the RHM wesbsite:

At the risk of being redundant, about half of this month’s free presentation contains very similar information to the presentation Why Think This Is True? that we offered at the beginning of this year. So why are we offering some of this information again? Because the other half of this presentation’s application of this information to becoming “Jesus centered” rather than simply “Bible based” (See John 5:39-40) is REVOLUTIONARY. Listen to Jesus’ own emphasis that He placed on Himself as the source of our identity and life (in comparison to simply having correct doctrine) and experience a whole new understanding of how to take our unique truths to the world today in a way that is inclusive, relevant, and stunningly Beautiful in this month’s free presentation—Concentric Circles by Herb Montgomery.

AND . . .

We’ve also update the newsletter page with August’s new issue! This month’s issue will be arriving in your mailboxes as well if you are on our snail mail mailing list.

I pray this finds each of you well today.

Keep living in love and loving like Christ,

Much love to each of you and thank you for your support.

In Him,