Armona Adventist Academy

Armona, CA

Last month I was given the privilege of speaking to some of the most remarkable young people I have ever encountered. We took four days to look at three topics. First, our desperate need to see God as He truly is. Next, if God is so loving, why is there so much pain and suffering on a planet which He claims to be overseeing? Finally, the greatest subject mortals can contemplate—the Cross. I watched as the hearts of these young people opened as a flower turns to the warmth of the sun.

“As a flower turns to the sun, that the bright rays may touch it with tints of beauty, so will the soul turn to the Sun of Righteousness, that heaven’s light may beautify the character with the graces of the character of Christ.” (E.G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 468)

The memory which will haunt me the longest is an encounter with a precious heart who has suffered so much. (Please don’t worry. I won’t mention who you are. Your secrets are safe with Jesus dear one.) I watched as this student’s heart, which had been so severely damaged by the pain this world can dish out, opened before the love of her Savior. For the very first time things began to make sense. For the very first time she felt “loved.” God became real and His heart began to be understood. Dear sister, in the precious love of our Savior, if you happen to be reading this, I am so happy for what you experienced this week. He loves you more than you could possibly ever fathom. Remember, nothing would make Him happier than for you to spend eternity with Him allowing Him to unfold His endless love to you. Keep your eyes on Him. You are the apple of His eye. No grief touches your heart that does not also pierce His. I look forward to witnessing you and Him there, together, forever.