Arizona Camp Meeting

Prescott, AZ

IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME! Actually, I’ve never lived in Arizona, but when I’m invited to speak at the Arizona Camp Meeting, it always feels like coming home. This was one of the first camp meetings I was invited to speak at years ago, and I have been back multiple times, each time to greeted with sincere Christian love and genuine warmth of fellowship. Tony Anobile, the president of the Arizona Conference, is doing some pretty amazing things in Arizona. The spiritual focus of this camp meeting is astounding, and the unity of diversity felt was tremendous. So many said this was the best camp meeting they’d ever attended in their life. The response to the presentations I gave was overwhelming as well. (The ABC sold out of Finding the Father twice, and I went home with book orders from the ministry for those who wanted a book but could never get to the front of the lines before they ran out. Praise God!!) The Gospel was water on dry ground! (No pun intended, Arizona.) Thirsty souls drank deep of the draughts of God’s love for them being seen through our Adventist teachings as never before. Many attended who were just coming back to our church; others I met confided that they were on their way out, but that this week – and everything they were learning – made everything different. To see God as He really is, to see Him in His beauty, is truly what makes all the difference. Praise God for the life-changing power of His extravagant love!