Announcing: HeartGroups!

A new and exciting way to grow together!

True or False:

1. A disciple is a spiritually mature Christian.

2. All disciples of Jesus are Christian, but not all Christians are disciples.

3. Disciple-making is one of several important ministries of the church.

4. Discipleship involves the training and growth of believers, rather than the evangelism of nonbelievers. (Discipleship and evangelism are two different things)

5. Renewed Heart Ministries focuses more on evangelism than on discipleship.

*(Actually, all of the above are false.)

Do you long for authentic and fulfilling fellowship? Have you ever felt that there’s more to be found in the experience of being a follower of Jesus, but you can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing? Would you be excited to discover a new community in which you are able to grow as a follower of Jesus and have the opportunity to spur others onward as well?

We were made to exist in relationship with one another. It’s not by accident that there are actually 52 “one anothers” in the New Testament. Many today are feeling a deep need to grow and mature in their walk with Jesus, but they just simply don’t know how. Well, just like everything else in Christ’s Kingdom, growth and development happen in community.

We at Renewed Heart Ministries are thrilled to introduce a new avenue, a framework so to speak, to facilitate a deeper experience of fellowship, community, meaningful relationships, and LIFE for followers of Jesus. What is this new network? It is our pleasure to introduce to you Renewed Heart Ministries’ Heart Groups!

What is a Renewed Heart Ministries HeartGroup?

HeartGroups are people who are learning how to follow Jesus together in our daily lives and how to love Him and love one another as He commands us.

A HeartGroup can be formed when 2-12 people engage in regular face-to-face interactions in which participants (rather than passive spectators) identify the next steps in their walks with God, cheer each other on, invite accountability for their next steps, and pray for each other so that they become mature, multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Kingdom is fundamentally about transformation, not about information nor translation.

What does a HeartGroup look like?

A HeartGroup is a non-traditional group that is born out of spiritual life resulting from an encounter with Jesus, instead of being constructed by human institutions and held together by religious programs.

A HeartGroup is marked by: