Adventist Community Services Retreat at Leoni Meadows

Leoni Meadows, Northern California Conference Retreat Center

Each year, the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NCC) puts on a four-day retreat for their Adventist Community Services workers—a retreat full of fun activities, workshops, and spiritual renewal. This year the NCC extended the invitation to Renewed Heart Ministries to come and share four presentations during their retreat. The responses were extraordinary. One evening toward the close of the retreat, a 76-year-old man came up to me in tears. He threw his arms around me and then expressed, “I’ve had the wrong picture for 76 years. I have the wrong picture for 76 years!” I asked Him to explain and he simply stated, “I have had the wrong picture of our God for 76 years; thank you so much for showing me this week His love.”

Also during this week I was privileged to meet Phyllis Hendry, president of Lead Like Jesus ministries, an interdenominational Georgia-based Christian leadership ministry associated with Christian leaders such as Ken Blanchard, Rick Warren, Laurie Beth Jones, Bill Hybels, Rosey Grier, Dan Cathy, and Phil Hodges. What impressed me most about Phyllis is her deep devotion to Jesus Christ and the incredible clarity in which she is able to inspire others to follow Him. After my final presentation on Calvary, Phyllis met me at the door. “Now that was the Gospel!” Phyllis, if you happen to be reading this, I wish you Godspeed. I look forward to seeing you in the kingdom.