A Statement of Faith!

The best way I know to counter circulating rumors is to communicate. Be open, honest, and transparent. We are a new ministry, and with that newness comes the need to reassure those who have questions about our beliefs.

Renewed Heart Ministries and I, Herb Montgomery believe in the substitutionary blood atonement of the Cross. Last year a ministry that is viewed by many to question the necessity of blood atonement invited me to speak at one of their convocations. I understood the risk of association when I accepted that invitation, but I also made a promise to my Savior years ago, that if at all possible, I would answer every call I could, regardless of whom the invitation was by, to share the Gospel of His character of Love. I am passionate about sharing God’s love for this world as seen through the lens of our Adventist teachings.

I am not a moral influence theorist. I do believe that Calvary does exert a moral influence but I believe that influence is through the truth of the substitutionary death of Christ’s Cross. That said, we at Renewed Heart Ministries do not believe in a three-party substitution. We do believe in a two-party substitutionary blood atonement. (For more on this, please listen to The Sufferings of a God on our Web site at https://renewedheartministries.com/resources.asp?t=sermons).

I do not hold the belief that God never takes an active role in the taking of life. I do believe that sin has harmful, intrinsic and destructive results that the sinners bring upon themselves. We need to understand this subject more clearly. Yet, I do not hold that God never imposes, as a parent, disciplinary consequences out of love, to save his children, those same consequences, involving, at times, the act of ending the temporal life of those who are in willful, stubborn, open, unrepentant rebellion. I believe the Scriptures hold many examples of God acting in this fashion.

It is my prayer that this statement of faith will calm rumors that have been circulating by those who have questions. I hope all will understand that, I may go and speak at conventions of which I will not hold in common the beliefs of those I may speaking along side. For example, I may speak at a convention of Baptists, even though I am not a Baptist. I would simply be a guest at a Baptist convention. Yet, I would be sharing the truth as I believe God has shown us as a church.

In regards to the invitation I accepted last year, will I accept an invitation to go again? I don’t know. I have been invited. What I can say is that my willingness to preach to anyone and alongside anyone, has raised some serious questions from those who are sincere but unfamiliar with our ministry. It has become a matter of deep prayer between me and my Savior. If I should turn them down this year, it will be the first time I have said no for a reason other than a scheduling conflict, in ten years of ministry. Pray that I will have wisdom. Thank you for listening.