A Special Thank You
A carousel at sunset in the background of words that say "A Special thank you"

Photo credit: John Jackson via Unsplash

Last week, we sent out an RHM News Update titled A Special Request.  The next day I received an email from one of our supporters that made my eyes tear up: 

“Your work is wonderful, and I count it a privilege to help in my small way.”

I shared how touching this token of appreciation was to me on Facebook and other supporters began commenting:

“Over 11 years ago, you presented at a series of meetings in our area. That was what pulled us (my wife and I) through to continue on a journey of following Jesus rather than a religion. We were at a pivotal place of deep personal crisis, ready to throw our towel in on God and religion. Inadvertently you gave us a third choice.”

Other’s chimed in, 

“You completely changed the way I view God when I was 15 years old! I’m 21 now, and I still stand by those views!”

“You have done the same for me as well. I’m forever grateful.”

“You are an inspiration of challenging the status quo and not being afraid . . .”

“You started opening my eyes to a beautiful ‘Love Family’ in which we are all included.”

We at Renewed Heart Ministries believe that a different kind of Christianity is possible. 

We believe another world is possible as well.

I want to thank each of you who have responded so far to our request to support RHM’s work at this time of the year. As I shared previously, most things have cycles, and ministries have cycles, too. This is our twelfth year, and as we head into summer, this is one of the two times each year when the need for your support of RHM is both keenly felt, and deeply appreciated. In order to provide all of our resources free of charge we are directly dependent on your support.  

With all that is happening right now both within Christianity and in our larger society our work is needed more than ever. 

We want to thank you for enabling us to exist and continue to do our work through your generous support and your partnership through your sustaining contributions.  

Together we are following Jesus’ teachings (Luke 4:18-19), participating in his work of love, compassion, inclusion, justice and action. Together we are making a difference, one heart, one mind, one life at a time. Together we are engaging our faith communities and our larger society, working for justice, compassion, and safety for all (Matthew 6:10).

For those who would also like to support our work, you can click DONATE to make a contribution online, or you can mail your gift to:

Renewed Heart Ministries
PO Box 1211
Lewisburg, WV 24901

You can make your contribution a one time gift, or please consider becoming one of our continuing monthly sustainers by selecting the option to make your gift reoccurring.

Any amount helps, regardless of the size. 

Thank you in advance for your support. 

Till the only world that remains is a world where only love reigns. 

From all of us here at RHM, thank you.

Herb Montgomery
Renewed Heart Ministries