A Shared Table Fundraiser for RHM

During the months of November and December this year we here at RHM are offering  A Shared Table: A Fundraiser for Renewed Heart Ministries!

In the gospels, Jesus modeled for us a way of practicing community in the shape of a shared table. With a preferential option for the most vulnerable among us, this way of living is rooted in a posture of caring, loving, sharing and listening. We believe the result will be a world that becomes a safer, just, more compassionate home for everyone.

These bowls are a symbol of Jesus’ shared table.

You can use your pottery bowl and be reminded of the shared table as a means of healing the hurts in our world. Or you could simply place it on your side table or work desk as a conversation starter. When asked about it you can share with them Jesus’ shared table, and even direct them to RHM to find out more. That way you can partner with us in even more ways to spread the message of love, compassion, justice, sharing and taking care of one another.

Just this past week, in response to Friday’s eSight/podcast, one reader responded, “Very thought-provoking! This approach leads us to a different, deeper kind of Christianity. This is the kind of stuff that is allowing me to reshape my view of GOD, and reclaim it from years of abuse and misunderstanding.”

When you support RHM’s work, you’re enabling the work of repairing some of the damage  Christianity has done.  Also by supporting RHM, you’re helping Christians be better humans, too.

It’s real lives, real hearts being renewed, encouraged, and healed that you’re making possible. To get your own RHM Shared Table Pottery Bowl (made by Crystal and myself)  become one of our sustaining partners through an automated, reoccurring monthly donation on our website during the months of November or December 2019.

To do this go to https://renewedheartministries.com/donate/. There’s no minimum amount. And of course, you can pledge as much as you’d like, as well. Just make sure you select “Check this box to make it a monthly recurring donation”, or if you are using Paypal, check “Make this a monthly donation.” These types of commitments sustain our work throughout the year and allow us to make plans for 2020.

And if you already are one of our sustaining partners, making a monthly automated donation each month, you don’t have to do a thing. We want to honor your existing support of Renewed Heart Ministries. You’ll get one of these bowls as a thank you, too!

At the end of December, we’ll send each of you one of RHM’s Shared Table Pottery Bowls so you can join in celebrating, commemorating, and sharing Jesus’ message of a shared table, too.

Crystal and I are so excited to be offering these bowls again this year as a visual representation of a safer, more compassionate, and just shared-world. We, here at RHM, believe that following Jesus’ teachings creates such a world.

Make sure to reserve your Shared Table Pottery Bowl during this month and next by going to renewedheartministries.com/donate and becoming one of our monthly supporters.

And remember, during the months of November and December, you can make your donations to Renewed Heart Ministries go twice as far! For these last two months of 2019, all donations to RHM are being matched dollar-for-dollar.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Here’s to a world of healing love and justice, and the steps we are taking toward it.

Herb Montgomery
Director | Author | Speaker
Renewed Heart Ministries