“I continue to be inspired and empowered by your messages. The shoe leather that you place on the directives given by Jesus are equally relevant and critical here in Canada. Blessings to you as you continue to challenge each person who is committed to following Jesus.” – D, Toronto

“Thanks for spreading the truth of Jesus’ teachings.  Your perspectives have changed my world view and I am so grateful.” – SB

“I loooooooove your ministry and your passion for fairness, equality, and justice!! That’s the ‘Jesus message’.” – RP

“Very thought-provoking! This approach leads us to a different, deeper kind of Christianity. This is the kind of stuff that is allowing me to reshape my view of GOD, and reclaim it from years of abuse and misunderstanding.” – KD

“I have been listening to you for several years. You were placed in my life as I was reclaimed by a God of Love. Now years later your activism, highlights of others and work on LGBTQIA has helped me as I have gone through a traumatic year. Resilience is born in struggle, I have seen both deep compassion and deep violent responses born from deeper trauma poured out in my life over the last year. After a year of turmoil filled with deep conflicts on how to live out life maintaining lovingly understanding in one area and actively lovingly fighting violence with appropriate limits. I count you as a voice that has actively blessed me in this struggle. Now I can also count you as an advocate for my children who I strongly believe will be able to hold in their hearts that God loves them no matter where on the spectrum they express the image of God. Thank you for your work.” —A

“Over 11 years ago, you presented at a series of meetings in our area. That was what pulled us (my wife and I) through to continue on a journey of following Jesus rather than a religion. We were at a pivotal place of deep personal crisis, ready to throw our towel in on God and religion. Inadvertently you gave us a third choice.”—CH

“You are an inspiration of challenging the status quo and not being afraid . . .”—MP

“You started opening my eyes to a beautiful ‘Love Family’ in which we are all included.”—SF

“My wife and I hosted Herb Montgomery on a speaking tour of Australia. We invited Herb to speak because few others within our faith community seem motivated by how the historical Jesus modelled social justice. Herb’s teaching, while grounded in the first century, is fresh—thanks, in part, to his wide and voracious reading of contemporary practitioners. Herb’s preaching is powerful. But what I find most impressive? Herb lives what he teaches and preaches. Transparency trumps so many other values. Herb, and his ministry, will challenge you, even confront you. That may not sound like good news for those of us at the top of the economic pyramid, but it is. It is good because it is changing our lives.”—BS; NSW, Australia

“I was introduced to RHM a number of years ago and it has absolutely changed my spiritual life for the better! There was so much about what I believed about God that didn’t connect for me until being introduced to a few of RHM’s series. I have found an amazing spiritual peace as a result. A few of our young adult group brought him to speak at our church, and I was introduced to the kindest, most genuine set of people I have ever met in my life. I have since had the privilege to get to know Herb, Crystal, and their family over the years, and I honestly love them even more. I believe they truly exemplify the love of Jesus and strive to make the world a better place.” —LD; Hawaii

“I just love Herb and this ministry. Have been following him for several years and can’t get enough of it. He brings the sayings of Jesus to light in such a clear and beautiful way as he relates it to our society today.” —MS

“I heard Herb speak today for the first time and was deeply moved by his presentation. I came away understanding The Lord’s Prayer from a new perspective and committed to become more involved in social justice. Thank you for your honesty and ability to shed new light on basis truths.” —AP; Phoenix, AZ

“My husband and I have been church goers for years, but over the years we have felt ourselves feeling more and more like outsiders. We kept saying ‘wait, that’s not what the gospels say’ (to each other) and asking each other if we were just crazy. It got so bad that my husband felt like he simply wasn’t welcome at church. We felt like the proverbial lepers. The people we work with are real people with real problems and we try to help them. It got to the point that we just didn’t feel like anything about our church was even remotely relevant to them. In the middle of our discouragement a friend recommended your website. It has changed our lives and breathed new life into our hearts. Please keep doing what you are doing. I thought you might be able to use the encouragement. You are doing so MUCH and it really matters!” – S

“I’m so thankful for Renewed Heart Ministries and for the paradigm shift I’ve been given. I receive your daily quotations and your weekly eSights. I am amazed with the degree of liberation I have experienced through these materials. I have been downloading your podcasts and presentations and passing them onto my family. Thank you so much for opening my eyes renewing my heart, and moving my feet to action as I follow more deeply a Jesus who is a liberator of the oppressed.” – A

“You completely changed the way I view God when I was 15 years old! I’m 21 now, and I still stand by those views!”—CR

“Your meetings were truly inspirational. Your presentations demonstrated thinking which is most refreshing. I wish that we had more like you. I’ve attended meetings in New York City, Berrien Springs, Chicago, and Keene and can say that I’ve never heard a speaker like you. Keep up the great work!” – TR

“Dear Herb and Everyone at Renewed Heart Ministries, I save all your newsletters because they are so inspiring. We are so blessed by this ministry. Thank you.” – R & N

“RHM is a ministry that facilitates change.  From all the way back to when RHM first started to these most recent publications, we have been so truly blessed by the journey on which both this ministry and ourselves have been. Thank you for all you do.” — KF

“I am the lady who met you at your book signing last night. I can’t listen to a presentation or podcast now without applying what I learned. Thank you so much for caring and sharing this information. It has changed my life!” – SW

“I wanted to slip you this little note to thank you for coming to my school and sharing with us. I’m one of those students you were talking about.  Your talks this week have really helped me.  They have given me hope. You’ve given me a new way to understand myself and to treat others, especially the way they’d like to be treated. Thank you.” —DD

“I would like to thank you for all the time you spend, and the sacrifices you make to do what you do. I am a life who has forever been changed because of this ministry. Thank you.” – JM

“Wow, this is revolutionary and absolutely thrilling! Oh, if only people can grasp this and actually put it into practice. – WK

“There are not many out there who are saying what you are, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your ministry. I’m teary eyed at the moment, and it’s making it hard to write this. I will be sharing this with our fellowship group over the next several weeks. Our group consists of homeless men and women living out on the streets. I know the women are going to appreciate hearing this just as I have.” — K

“It is great to hear things that I have always believed, but was never told. What you have shared has opened my eyes and heart and mind and saved my soul. I will never forget the words you’ve shared with me this week. Thank you. This is a life changed.” – RS

“We will continue to pray for you, your family, and RHM. You have blessed us with a whole new set of lenses through which to see the world around us. I like what I see! We are eternally grateful.” – B&C S

“My life has been radically changed through listening and reading the material on your website.” – PT

“I just attended a three day seminar you held and I can say that I was truly blessed and believe that your message is a must share for today. Thank you so much for bringing the church’s focus back to the basic teachings of Jesus. It’s my hearts prayer that the Christian church will come into a brand new appreciation and appropriation of Jesus. – KG

“Your weekly e-Sights and podcasts are the most insightful I have ever read/listened to. Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for posting all the resources on your website. I am a long-haul truck driver, and so I download the presentations onto my iPod and listen to them as I’m driving along. God bless you.” – D

“I have been so blessed by RHM! I have never seen such a beautiful and clear teachings before! I have known some of this intellectually but it has not always connected with the heart. I am still unlearning a lot and incorporating things that we some how have been blinded to, even when being taught how to be a Christian and what it means to be a Christian. Herb, thank you thank you for starting me on this journey! Keep showing the way of of love through ministry! – J

“I love listening to your presentations online. They truly bless me. They are unlike any other that I have ever heard . . . Your words have given me light. Enough to believe that there is possibly more.” – JB

“Thank-you for RHM. Your message definitely resonated with my personal journey, and I think helps light a path our church needs to walk, especially in today’s world.” – D

“Your ministry is having a profound effect on our little church!…I see this filling a need, questions, yearnings, misinformation…you name it…and I am thrilled! – JS

“Dear Herb, I have been so blessed by this ministry. I first heard your presentations in 2009. Then I saw you in person last summer. Your ministry has opened up things for me I never saw before. We love you.” – SH

“You bring a unique and wonderful perspective to understanding Jesus in our world today.” – KP

“I just wanted to say that I appreciate your coming to our area so much. You speak to everything we have concerns about, and I think there are far too many people who need to hear what you are saying.” – ES

“Dear Herb, pen cannot write how much the people your ministry has touched appreciated you. May God continue to bless you and Renewed Heart Ministries.” – GS

“Thank you so much for your incredible ministry. We have been blessed so much.” – NE

“Your message is truly what I believe our church needs so desperately at this hour. I’m sharing your materials with others too. You can count on our support so this message may spread even further.” – SP

“I have been listening to your Podcast, they have had a profound effect on me. I just want to say thank you.” – MN

“Absolutely stunning insight. I just finished listening to your podcasts. Thank you.” – DW

“I want to express appreciation for your work. We have been thinking a lot about all the teachings through the years that have broadened our understanding and motivated us to action. Just wanted to say thank you. You are doing such an important work and we are very grateful for you.” – T & D

“I want to say a great big “thank you” to you. There’s no way I can describe what this ministry has meant to me over the past few months, and I thank you so much for making your materials available on your website. May you have the courage, wisdom and support that you need to carry on this work.” – JB

“Words cannot explain what my heart is feeling. I am so blessed to have these presentations. Thank you!” — Anonymous

“Cold water on parched lips!”– BM

“Thank you for the strong focus on both liberation and survival and Jesus’ call to resist even when threatened with death. THAT is continually enlarging in it’s significance. May the gospel of Jesus and his “kingdom,” be always foremost.” – CC

“Thank you for coming to our area. This has been a powerful series which has given me real hope for change.” – PC

“I just want to thank you for all you give and the message you share! It has changed me and is healing my family. ‘Thanks’ could hardly be enough but I just want you to know how deeply grateful I am.” – NG

“Thank you, Herb, for your messages on peace and justice. I cheer you on! Bless you for all you do.” – LG

“So grateful someone is verbalizing these things. Thanks for the teachings Herb.” – CD

“I have listened to many of your talks, and I just really wish my church would be this bold, honest, and authentic. Please thank your wife and family for us–we imagine it’s a hard life, sharing you with the road–your sacrifice is so appreciated!” –  AH

“RHM has been a life saver.” — TW

“Thank you Herb for redefining and clarifying what it means for me to be a follower of Jesus.  You are also my kids’ favorite to listen to.” — NS

“I love Herb and the way he puts things and ideas into a perspective you really haven’t heard before. And is really quite eye opening and refreshing.” — S

“I have a love/hate relationship with Herb and RHM.  I love this ministry because it shows me things like I’ve never seen them before, but I hate it at the same time because it challenges me to my core and calls to me to rethink things and ultimately to change.  I totally get why Herb says that in his following Jesus, some days, he is just white knuckled.  But no matter how much I’m challenged, I want to thank you, Herb, truly for all you risk for the Kingdom. It has challenged and yet changed my life.” — KG

“You have helped start a fire!” — LC

“I can’t believe how hard it was to summarize how valuable RHM has been to me over the years! We have traveled quite a road together in that time.  But, I think I’m satisfied that the following statements capture much of the essence of RHM’s worth to me:

RHM has taught me it is more than okay to question everything I “knew” about God and that truth can not only hold up under scrutiny but even be more richly revealed by the process.

RHM has introduced me to many great teachers and fellow Jesus followers and made me realize that although I’ve been shedding my old religious skin, I’m not alone in who I am becoming by following the teachings of Jesus.

RHM simultaneously distills such depth and breadth of information from contemporary and first-century Christians and challenges me to dig deep into that material to come to my own conclusions that I feel as if I’ve been enrolled in Seminary!

RHM showed me God’s love for ALL as I had never understood it, which allowed me to finally forgive a family member for a 30-year hurt, bringing peace, healing, reconciliation and a witness to the true power of love to my entire extended family.

RHM in general, and Herb Montgomery specifically, has been a sounding board, confidante, mentor, cheerleader, role model, ally, and friend to me for six years. I’m so thankful!

Or, to boil it down; What has RHM meant to me? EVERYTHING”

— CW

Herb, Just now listening to your podcast. WOW! As usual your clarification of the Scriptures and of the political times of His era is a bright light in a often times dark place. I just want you to know…IF NO ONE STANDS WITH YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY, IF ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY REJECT YOU AND CALL YOU DELUSIONAL, IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE TOTALLY ALONE AND OUT ON A LIMB…PLEASE KNOW, I AM STANDING WITH YOU AND KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE TEACHING. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I appreciate all you are doing. —CS

“I love you and what you are doing!  Thank you for speaking up.” — KB