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"The great problem with dominant white theologians, especially white men, is their tendency to speak as if they and they alone can set the rules for thinking about God."

   - James H. Cone ; God of the Oppressed

"After all, are we not all oppressed, especially those who think that their freedom is found in social, political, and economic domination of others? Although these questions point to an essential truth of the gospel of liberation, they have been used by oppressors for untruth. The untruth of these questions lies in the subjective and often undisclosed intention of the people who ask them. While pretending to be concerned about the universal character of the human condition, oppressors are in fact concerned to justify their own particular status in society. They want to be oppressors and Christians at the same time. Since the oppressed are the only true Christians, oppressors claim to be victims, not for the purpose of being liberated but for their own social interests in retaining a 'Christian' identity while being against Jesus Christ. This is what Dietrich Bonhoeffer in another context called 'cheap grace.' I call it hypocrisy and blasphemy."    - James H. Cone ; God of the Oppressed

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