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"I want to be clear: By self-love, I don’t mean selfishness, self-absorption, or conceit. We all know people who hog the stage, dominate conversations, and have to be the center of attention, and I’m not arguing for that behavior. I’m also not arguing for narcissism, an exaggerated sense of self-importance that requires constant admiration. No, by self-love I mean a healthy delight in your true, imperfect, uniquely wonderful, particular self. I mean an unconditional appreciation for who you are, head to toe, inside and out: quirks, foibles, beauty, and blemishes—all of it. I mean seeing yourself truthfully and loving what you see."    - Jacqui Lewis ; Fierce Love (p. 33)

"We belong to a mutually beneficial web of connection, well-being, and love. At the root of this connection is empathy; the result is kindness, compassion, respect, and understanding. When religion doesn’t center on this mutuality, it can become one of the toxic narratives that, in the end, dismantles self-love."    - Jacqui Lewis ; Fierce Love (p. 30)

"Accepting ourselves, forgiving ourselves—this is what unconditional love is about."    - Jacqui Lewis ; Fierce Love (p. 24)

“Self-care is a way of maintaining both wellness and balance in the energetic economy of social and economic intercourse. Activists and caretakers who do not attend to self-care are vulnerable to burnout, and burnout in turn can breed alienation from both issues and communities… Self-care and care of others needs to be balanced.”    - Layli Maparyan ; The Womanist Idea

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”    - Audre Lorde ; A Burst of Light

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