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"The most important of these we find in the Gospel of Luke, the famous prayer of Jesus during the Crucifixion: 'Father, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing' (23:34). Here, as with all the sayings of Jesus, it is crucial to avoid emptying what he says of its basic sense by reducing it to a rhetorical formula, to a kind of sentimental exaggeration, for example. We should always take Jesus at his word. He expresses the powerlessness of those caught up in the mimetic snowballing process to see what moves and compels them. Persecutors think they are doing good, the right thing; they believe they are working for justice and truth; they believe they are saving their community."    - Rene Girard ; I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

"The more one is crucified, the more one burns to participate in the crucifixion of someone more crucified than oneself."    - Rene Girard ; I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

"The peoples of the world do not invent their gods. They deify their victims."    - Rene Girard ; I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

"The Gospels not only disclose the hidden scapegoat mechanism of human cultures, but witness to the God, the Spirit-Paraclete, who stands with the Innocent Victim and is revealed through him."    - Rene Girard ; The Girard Reader

"I do not believe in the doctrine of the greatest good of the greatest number. The only real, dignified, human doctrine is the greatest good of all."    - Mahatma Gandhi ; Unsourced Quotation

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