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"Taken as a whole, then, the lie is the mechanism that allows, and has always allowed, America to avoid facing the truth about its unjust treatment of black people and how it deforms the soul of the country. The lie cuts deep into the American psyche. It secures our national innocence in the face of the ugliness and evil we have done."    - Eddie S. Glaude Jr. ; Begin Again

"Over the course of the [Revolutionary] war, thousands of enslaved people would join the British—far outnumbering those who joined the Patriot cause."    - Nikole Hannah-Jones ; The 1619 Project (p. 13)

"And yet none of this is part of our founding mythology, which conveniently omits the fact that one of the primary reasons some of the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery."    - Nikole Hannah-Jones ; The 1619 Project (p. 16)

"Eight in ten Black people would not be in the United States were it not for the institution of slavery in a society founded on ideals of freedom."    - Nikole Hannah-Jones ; The 1619 Project (p. xxxi)

"White Americans desire to be free of a past they do not want to remember, while Black Americans remain bound to a past they can never forget."    - Nikole Hannah-Jones ; The 1619 Project (p. xxxi)

"We were not actors but acted upon. We were not contributors, just recipients. White people enslaved us, and white people freed us. Black people could choose either to take advantage of that freedom or to squander it, as our depictions in the media seemed to suggest so many of us were doing. The world revealed to me through my education was a white one."    - Nikole Hannah-Jones ; The 1619 Project (p. xviii)

"The people who settled the country had a fatal flaw. They could recognize a man when they saw one. They knew he wasn’t…anything else but a man; but since they were Christian, and since they had already decided that they came here to establish a free country, the only way to justify the role this chattel was playing in one’s life was to say that he was not a man. For if he wasn’t, then no crime had been committed. That lie is the basis of our present trouble."    - James Baldwin ; The White Problem, Quoted in Begin Again by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

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