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“Far from being the father of jihad, [Prophet] Mohammad was a peacemaker, who risked his life and nearly lost the loyalty of his closest companions because he was determined to effect a reconciliation with Mecca.”    - Karen Armstrong ; Muhammad

"In terms of its bloodthirsty and intolerant passages, the Bible raises considerably more issues than does the Qur’an. Some Bible passages justify genocide and multigenerational race war; the Qur’an has nothing comparable. While many Qur’anic texts undoubtedly call for warfare or bloodshed, these are hedged around with more restrictions than their biblical equivalents, with more opportunities for the defeated to make peace and survive. Furthermore, any of the defenses that can be offered for biblical violence—for instance, that these passages are unrepresentative of the overall message of the text—apply equally to the Qur’an."    - Philip Jenkins ; Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can't Ignore the Bible's Violent Verses

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