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"It is true, if surprising, that those who accept historical crosses in the most radical way and make the least attempt to glorify them, those who least get used to them and least accept 'cheap' answers to the question of theodicy, are the ones who most seriously commit themselves to suppressing historical crosses."    - Jon Sobrino ; Jesus the Liberator

“The cross, for its part, tells of God's affinity with victims.”    - Jon Sobrino ; Christ the Liberator: A View from the Victims, p. 88

"For just as Jesus was seen as a threat to the forces of power in his day, black people are seen as a threat to the forces of Anglo-Saxon power and superiority in twenty-first-century America."      - Kelly Brown Douglas ; The Black Christ (p. 19)

"Raped, despised, and rejected by a man, Tamar is a woman of sorrows rows and acquainted with grief. She is cut off from the land of the living, stricken for the sins of her brother; yet she herself has done no violence and there is no deceit in her mouth."
   - Phyllis Trible ; Texts of Terror

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