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"What word does Christianity have to offer for those of us who live with our backs constantly against the walls of white supremacist heterosexist patriarchal ableist capitalism?"    - CHANEQUA WALKER-BARNES ; Why I Gave Up Church; Bearings Online. October 12, 2017

"There are many today who simply to not believe that their liberation is dependent upon being able to talk or walk. They insist on their right to live fully human and 'whole' lives in a society that continues to define them as 'handicapped' only because they are different. Nonphysically disabled readers must be aware of the biases we unconsciously bring to the biblical narratives of 'healing.' Obviously any interpretation that stresses theĀ biomedicalĀ definition of 'wholeness' excludes the physically disabled from the good news. If, however, we focus on the broader socio-symbolic meaning of illness and healing, the stories address us all equally. After all, in Mark the true impediments to discipleship have nothing to do with physical impairment, but with spiritual and ideological disorders."    - Ched Myers ; Binding the Strong Man: a political reading of Mark's story of Jesus

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