December 23 Esight, 2007

“. . . To the end that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”—Luke 2:35Christmas is just around the corner! This week will be filled with distant family, old friends, wanted and unwanted gifts as well as holiday foods and treats for which we wait the entire year. And in the midst of all this celebration, let us remember why this time is celebrated by so many. The words above are taken from the prophecy of Simeon the elder who, with the uplifted baby Jesus in his arms, influenced by the Spirit, prophesied the mission and the ministry of that Precious Gift. It was for this purpose that Jesus came to this small planet. Leaving the ninety and nine unfallen worlds, he came to seek and to save this one lost world. As we have shared previously, the fall of man was deeply rooted in deception and lies regarding the character of our Heavenly Father; therefore, our redemption would be deeply rooted and grounded in our encountering the Truth. Jesus came to reveal the true thoughts of the Father’s heart toward you and me in hopes that through believing this, we might be “set free” (John 8:32).

“‘That the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.’ In the light of the Saviour’s life, the hearts of all, even from the Creator to the prince of darkness, are revealed. Satan has represented God as selfish and oppressive, as claiming all and giving nothing, as requiring the service of His creatures for His own glory, and making no sacrifice for their good. But the gift of Christ reveals the Father’s heart. It testifies that the thoughts of God toward us are ‘thoughts of peace, and not of evil’ (Jer. 29:11). It declares that while God’s hatred of sin is as strong as death, His love for the sinner is stronger than death. Having undertaken our redemption, He will spare nothing, however dear, which is necessary to the completion of His work. No truth essential to our salvation is withheld, no miracle of mercy is neglected, no divine agency is left unemployed. Favor is heaped upon favor, gift upon gift. The whole treasury of heaven is open to those He seeks to save. Having collected the riches of the universe, and laid open the resources of infinite power, He gives them all into the hands of Christ, and says, All these are for man. Use these gifts to convince him that there is no love greater than Mine in earth or heaven. His greatest happiness will be found in loving Me.” (Ellen White, The Desire of Ages, p. 57)

Did you catch that? God through Christ was trying to “convince” or prove something to you and me! Meditate on this statement this week. Let the full weight of it permeate your heart. Let the gift of Christ accomplish for you its divinely appointed purpose. May your heart finally be convinced. May this Christmas be truly one to remember, because this year, you have tasted and seen more deeply than ever before, you have surrendered to this “proven” truth as never before, you have believed more deeply than ever before “that there is no greater love,” “in earth or heaven” than the love that our God, our Father has for you, dear reader. This week, may your heart come alive as you let yourself fall into the embrace of His perfect love for you.

Merry Christmas,