November 25 Esight, 2007

Enoch lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Methuselah. Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years. —Genesis 5:21-22Last Monday at 1:00 p.m. (give or take a few minutes), my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby son, Christian Journey Montgomery. He came into this world at a whopping 7 pounds and 5.6 ounces. Each time we have had the privilege of experiencing this joy, something inside me clicks, and I begin to feel a depth of love toward this little human being that I have never felt toward any other. Love that words cannot describe. Love that can only be experienced and understood by other parents who have felt the same.

Maybe this is why Moses stated that Enoch became a father then he walked with God. If what Enoch felt toward Methuselah, if what I feel toward my children is anything remotely kindred to what God feels toward me as His little one, then truly I can understand why the Bible states that I am the “apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8).

It is also interesting to watch my peers who have not had children yet. They look at all the sacrifices a new little one brings and can’t imagine why we would be so happy. But when love awakens in the heart of a parent, when that mysterious bond surfaces between a little boy or girl and that child’s father, every duty becomes a delight and every sacrifice a pleasure, and I truly can’t imagine my life without them. I begin to grasp why God would make such great sacrifices for me, his son.

“Look upon that wounded head, the pierced side, the marred feet. Remember that Christ risked all; ‘tempted like as we are,’ he staked even his own eternal existence upon the issue of the conflict. Heaven itself was imperiled for our redemption. At the foot of the cross, remembering that for one sinner Jesus would have yielded up his life, we may estimate the value of a soul.” (Ellen White, General Conference Bulletin, December 1, 1895, par. 22)

For me, “God permitted His Son to come … at the risk of failure and eternal loss. The heart of the human father yearns over his son. He looks into the face of his little child and trembles at the thought of life’s peril. He longs to shield his dear one from Satan’s power, to hold him back from temptation and conflict. To meet a bitterer conflict and a more fearful risk, God gave His only-begotten Son. … Herein is love. Wonder, O heavens! and be astonished, O earth!” (Ellen White, Desire of Ages, p. 49).

But God did not take this great risk and make this great sacrifice just for me. He did it for you, too, dear reader. This week, spend some time contemplating the glorious truth that you are God’s little boy or girl and that He is your Daddy. You are the most precious thing in the universe to Him. To save you, He has and will continue to risk all. He will stop at nothing, for He considers “no sacrifice too great” for you. (Ellen White, Christ Object Lessons, p. 282) Wonder, O heavens, and be astonished, O earth.