November 10 Esight, 2009

Jesus said unto him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.”—Mark 9.23I have spent countless weekends emphasizing to audiences that what many consider as behavioral problems are truly the fruit of a much deeper issue and that the behaviors we most often criticize “in church” are really only the fruit of feelings, unhealthy thinking, and ultimately, an erroneous picture of whom we believe God Himself to be. (For more on this, please listen to the presentation on our Web site, Who Do You See?)

Someone recently asked me, “How does Faith play into this model of Seeing, Thinking, Feeling, and Behaving?” And though I have answered this many times, this week I thought I’d share it in writing. You see, many believe we are saved by faith and lost through focusing on our behavior instead. But I’d like to invite you to consider it more broadly than that. We are actually both saved or lost by Faith because it is ultimately what we believe about God—about His character, right or wrong—that sets in motion the final outcome. If I have a correct understanding of God’s character, I can be told a lie about Him all day, and it won’t do any damage whatsoever if I don’t choose to believe it. If I am believing lies about God’s character, I can be told the truth all day and it won’t do any lasting good if I don’t choose to believe it. Ultimately, it is what we are choosing to believe about Him that determines how, in our heart, we picture or see Him. Our concept of Him, in turn, affects our thoughts and feelings toward Him, and thus our behavior in relation to Him. Everything then, even your picture of God, how you see Him, is determined right now by what you are choosing to believe.

This week take some time, sit down, and consciously take a look at what you are choosing to allow yourself to believe about God. Does it correspond with what Jesus taught us He is like? Is it shaped by the Scriptures, or is it being shaped instead by our Christian culture, which sometimes is quite self-destructive? I am convinced that what we are choosing to believe about God could quite possibly be the most important question we can address in this time of earth’s history.

Jesus Himself said that all things are possible for the one who believes. Good or bad, everything is made possible; everything is the fruit of our beliefs. It’s never been a question of whether someone is a believer or not. We are all believers! The question is not whether or not we believe. The question is rather What are you believing?

I wish you God’s best this week.