August 17 Esight, 2008

“This is why I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the Truth.” Jesus—John 18:37 AMP

Truth is more than that which stimulates the intellect and it’s more than mere doctrinal apologetics. The root word for truth is the same as betrothal. Truth is that which binds our hearts in betrothal to God.

Let me explain. These days, I’m convinced the word truth is used too lightly. We use “truth” for just about any fact we can find in the Bible. I would like you to consider truth to be more than just a list of Biblical facts.

The devil himself knows what happens when a person dies. He knows about the Sabbath, he understands the final fate of the lost, he knows there’s a heavenly sanctuary (he used to live there), and he understands the relation of Calvary and the Law. Truly, if he were to come to one of our evangelistic series we could baptize him! BUT, follow the words of Jesus very carefully: “[The Devil] was a murderer from the beginning, and is not rooted in the truth; there is no truth in him.” (John 8:44 REB)

We would all agree that the devil intellectually assents to each of our 28 fundamental beliefs, yet “there is no truth in Him.” That must mean that truth epitomizes much more than doctrinal beliefs. Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth and the life.” (John 14:6). According to the words of Jesus, in order for Biblical facts to become “The Truth” they must reveal, at their very core, the One who is the Truth. It is actually quite possible to present Biblical facts totally divorced from Truth! For example, believing in the seventh-day Sabbath isn’t synonymous with believing in the Truth. The devil believes this and the Truth is nowhere to be found in him. It may be factual, but it’s not the Truth. Doctrinal facts alone will never comprise Truth! Jesus stated that He was “born for this,” to bear witness to it! So, here is the Truth, dear reader. Jesus exemplified it and He was born to shout it from the rooftops!

God is Love, and He Loves You!

Don’t just memorize it. Don’t just listen to it. Discover what it means and your life will truly never be the same. I am convinced that, above every other truth an individual can come to know from the scriptures, the truth that God is love and that He loves them is paramount above all else. Jesus was born so that we might be able to hear God say “I love you.”

Would you like to experience the Truth, dear friend? Would you like to encounter the truth about our God and His self-abandoning love for you? Seeing the truth about His love and becoming betrothed to Him through that love is the theme of the entire scriptures. Listen as He whispers the following words to you.

“As I passed by again, I saw that the time had come for you to fall in love. I covered your naked body with my coat and promised to love you. Yes, I made a marriage covenant with you, and you became mine. This is what the Sovereign Lord says.” Ezekiel 16:8 TEV (emphasis supplied)

“And I will make you my promised bride forever. I will be good and fair; I will show you my love and mercy. I will be true to you as my promised bride, and you will know the Lord.” Hosea 2:19,20 NCV (emphasis supplied)

Will you let Him take you more intimately into the embrace of the truth of His love for you this week?

I wish you God’s best.