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The Personal Cost of Causing Division

Herb Montgomery | August 12, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “Our reading this week calls to mind times when we have also had to make decisions about speaking out against things we … Continue reading

Breathing In Spirit, Exhaling Love and Justice

Herb Montgomery | April 22, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “In the stories, Jesus doesn’t come back from the dead just to live another 30 or so years doing the same thing … Continue reading

Easter and the Myth of Redemptive Suffering

Herb Montgomery | April 15, 2021 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “These are valid questions. How can we reconcile seeing the cross event as a salvific divine act without unintentionally inferring that God’s … Continue reading

A Different Vision for Memorializing the Last Supper

Herb Montgomery | April 8, 2022   To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here.   “Next week is Holy Week leading up to Easter for many in Western Christianity. This time of year always amplifies … Continue reading

Mary’s Perfume and No More Poverty 

Herb Montgomery | April 1, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “I want to offer an alternative interpretation. Poverty is a human-made reality, and therefore poverty can be eradicated through our choices in … Continue reading

 Myth of Redemptive Sacrifice

Herb Montgomery | March 4, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “In the wilderness story, Jesus rejects the temptation to sacrifice himself and tempt God to save him in the end. This calls … Continue reading

Taking Up Our Crosses, Injustice, and Abuse

Herb Montgomery | September 10, 2021 [To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast click Episode 388:Taking Up Our Crosses, Injustice, and Abuse] “Oppressors throughout history have used the concept of ‘taking up one’s cross’ to prioritize themselves over … Continue reading

The Inherent Relationship of Love and Justice

  by Herb Montgomery | May 7, 2021 “There is a way to teach God’s love that is complicit in oppression and is harmful to marginalized communities. There is another way to teach love that can be foundational to the … Continue reading

Imagery of a Good Shepherd

Renewed Heart Ministries is a nonprofit organization working for a world of love and justice. We need your support to offer the kind of resources RHM provides. Helping people find the intersection between their faith, compassion, and justice is work that … Continue reading

The Good News of Forceful Nonviolent Resurrection

Herb Montgomery | April 2, 2021 “The good news was not that Jesus died, or even that he died for you. The good news rather was that this Jesus whom they killed, God has brought back to life! . . … Continue reading

Reinterpreting the Easter Story

Herb Montgomery | March 19, 2021 “The central image of Christ on the cross as the savior of the world communicates the harmful message that suffering is redemptive. So what do we do with the passage from John’s gospel?” This … Continue reading

No More Sacrifice

December 1 is #GivingTuesday this year!  #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities, and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. #GivingTuesday is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving … Continue reading

Three Paths Toward Change Rejected

Herb Montgomery | July 31, 2020 “And in each of these versions of the story, Jesus announces the arrival of God’s just future (‘the kingdom’) but rejects three methods for bringing justice to fruition. We’ll look at each of them.” … Continue reading

A Primer on Self-Affirming Nonviolence (Part 10)

Herb Montgomery | October 11, 2019 “Jesus’ form of nonviolence was an act of self-affirmation in a society where one’s self was already being sacrificed. When we interpret nonviolence as self-sacrifice, irreparable harm, even lethal harm, is done to those … Continue reading

A Primer on Self-Affirming Nonviolence (Part 4)

Herb Montgomery | August 23, 2019 “We’ve been discussing the importance of listening to those on the margins of society and their experiences and wisdom. What follows is a result of doing just that in the context of the subject … Continue reading

A Primer on Self Affirming, Nonviolence (Part 2)

“Today we live in the wake of these changes. Christianity and its Jesus fell in the same way as all the other religions taken in by Rome . . . If the bloody violence of Christianity’s history has taught us … Continue reading

A Primer on Self Affirming, Nonviolence (Part 1)

Herb Montgomery | July 26, 2019 “But today most of Christianity either rejects Jesus’ nonviolence outright or embraces nonviolence in a way that leaves marginalized and exploited people passive in the face of injustice and harms them. There are alternatives … Continue reading

Why Resurrection

Herb Montgomery | April 26, 2019 “Even when it looks like nothing is ever going to change, and regardless of whether or not changes are ever made to the extent we desire, the mere presence of our voice makes things … Continue reading

Lightening the Burden of Others

Herb Montgomery | December 21, 2018 “This Christmas, we may not all have someone whose economic debt we can cancel. But are there other types of forgiveness we could embrace? Are there reparations for past wrongs we still need to … Continue reading

Salvific Teachings: Womanism and the Gospel

Herb Montgomery | September 7, 2018   “Notice that in this passage, which is not at all unique to the gospels, the ‘gospel of God’ is the announcement of the arrival of the reign or kingdom of God, who desires … Continue reading

A Refusal to Let Go of Life

Herb Montgomery | August 31, 2018 “Jesus chose to live a life in opposition to unjust, oppressive cultures. Jesus did not choose the cross but chose integrity and faithfulness, refusing to change course because of threat.” (Brown and Parker, For … Continue reading

Self Affirming Nonviolence and the Myth of Redemptive Suffering (Part 2)

by Herb Montgomery | June 21, 2018 “Taking up one’s cross should not be interpreted as acceptance of pain, misery, and abuse, but rather as the call to stand up, resist, and refuse to let go of life, justice, and … Continue reading

Self Affirming Nonviolence and the Myth of Redemptive Suffering (Part 1)

by Herb Montgomery | June 16, 2018   “In its own cultural setting, Jesus’ nonviolence was a means of self-affirmation for those who don’t have access to common power, and it is best illustrated not by the cross but by … Continue reading

Losing One’s Life

by Herb Montgomery “Jesus didn’t die because he was a bigot, standing in solidarity with oppressors and justifying the domination of the vulnerable. He died because he stood in solidarity with the vulnerable against the status quo. It’s time we also … Continue reading

Taking One’s Cross

by Herb Montgomery “Taking up one’s cross is not a call to patiently, passively endure, but to take hold of life and stand up against injustice even if there is a cost for doing so.” Featured Text: The one who … Continue reading

Confessing or Denying

by Herb Montgomery Featured Text: “Anyone who may speak out for me in public the son of humanity will also speak out for him before the angels. But whoever may deny me in public will be denied before the angels.” … Continue reading

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