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Jesus and Law and Order

Herb Montgomery | September 25, 2020 “Beware when you see those in power using law and order rhetoric used to maintain power, position, control, and political office. Jesus’ followers should be the first to recognize when ‘law and order’ is … Continue reading

Choosing Peace through Militarized Policing or Distributive Justice

Herb Montgomery | June 26, 2020 This week we end our consideration of the final warnings in Luke’s version of the Jesus story and how they might relate to our society. In Luke 23, we read: “Jesus turned and said … Continue reading

A More Distributively Just Way

by Herb Montgomery | May 1, 2020 “The present pandemic is laying bare other areas of our unsustainable and unjust system. What would a world look like that is a safe, compassionate, inclusive, and just home for all of God’s … Continue reading

When Doing the Right Thing Is Illegal

Herb Montgomery | June 14, 2019 “What happens when we have to choose between saving life and abiding by the law? Jesus’ healings call us to take a side either with the marginalized and liberator (with Jesus) or to interpret … Continue reading

Jesus, Law and Order

Herb Montgomery | January 31, 2019 “Legality is never the end of the moral discussion. We must also ask if what is being done is right . . . Law and order arguments too often fail to account for whether … Continue reading

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