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Jesus and Another Story of Debt Cancellation 

Herb Montgomery | September 16, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “Am I prioritizing relationships with people over and above the rules that capitalism continues to try to program us with as to … Continue reading

 Myth of Redemptive Sacrifice

Herb Montgomery | March 4, 2022 To listen to this week’s eSight as a podcast episode click here. “In the wilderness story, Jesus rejects the temptation to sacrifice himself and tempt God to save him in the end. This calls … Continue reading

Peace, Be Still.

  Herb Montgomery | June 18, 2021 “I need a Jesus that can challenge the great windstorm and the waves of deep homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in the Christian church that threatens to capsize the lives of LGBTQ young people … Continue reading

A Better Way to Tell Our Stories

“Classifying our flesh, bodies, and material world or nature as, at best, unimportant or disposable and, at worst, evil or something to be saved from has yielded deeply harmful, destructive fruit throughout Christian history . . . That disregard then led to a privatized, personal, individualistic form of Christianity that was complicit in the oppression of vulnerable populations. We encounter the fruit of this today whenever Christians speak negatively of social justice and related movements for a more equitable society . . . Are there better ways to tell our stories?” Continue reading

An Unjust Judge

2020 has been a challenging year for many nonprofits. RHM is no exception. We need your support to impact lives and bring the faith-based, societal-justice focused resources and analysis RHM provides. Intersections between faith, love, compassion, and justice are needed right now more … Continue reading

Three Paths Toward Change Rejected

Herb Montgomery | July 31, 2020 “And in each of these versions of the story, Jesus announces the arrival of God’s just future (‘the kingdom’) but rejects three methods for bringing justice to fruition. We’ll look at each of them.” … Continue reading

A Gospel for the Earth

by Herb Montgomery | May 8, 2020 “What would happen if Christians stopped believing that Jesus’s way is impractical, naïve, insufficient, or “doesn’t work in the “real world” and began to follow the way of life Jesus came to teach … Continue reading

The Parable of the Invited Dinner Guests

by Herb Montgomery Karen Baker-Fletcher writes: “If Jesus is on the side of the least of these, as Matthew 25 suggests and womanist liberation theologians emphasize, then this includes the earth. It too is hungry for nourishment. It too is … Continue reading

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