November 7 Esight, 2010

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”—Jesus (John 10.10)Hello to all of you. I pray this finds each of you well. This week, rather than sending out a devotional as normal, I am writing this to you today, to ask you to pray for a special series I am beginning tonight in Honolulu. This series is for the public and I will be covering new material I have been compiling over the last twelve months. In the past, the traditional method of doing meetings, as many of you know, is to first establish the validity of the scriptures and then we launch into our various and sundry doctrinal presentations. This series, beginning tonight, will be quite different.

Tonight, we will first begin with establishing instead, the historical reality of Jesus Christ. In other words, the historical person Jesus made divine claims, healed the sick, and died on a cross. And then, as difficult as this is for many in today’s post modern world to believe, he rose from the dead. Tonight we will be establishing from history, logic and the scriptures the reasons for reflective, intelligent, rational, reasonable and somewhat critical people to believe this is exactly what it is purported to be—TRUE. If Jesus really is who he claimed to be then there are two very special truths that become inescapable:

1) The God of the universe, as revealed by Jesus Christ, is the most beautiful being that ever existed or ever will.

2) You could not possibly be more loved than you are right now by Him.

This does not mean we have to accept the things we have suffered in this life as somehow orchestrated by this God. These things were wrong and should have never happened to us. And it doesn’t mean we have to blindly embrace a “religion”, especially one like Christianity which holds the record for being the most violent on the stage of human history. All it means, is that there is a God, He came to this planet, and He came to show YOU one thing and one thing only: He loves you! And although there are many questions still to be answered, His love, when seen as it truly is, is really what each human heart has been searching for.

From this foundation, which we will lay tonight, we will spring-board into the remaining presentations on God’s character of love, revealing from the scriptures how surrendering to His selfless love for us, ushers each of us into life and life more abundantly. In other words, Life Unlimited!

Thank you sincerely for each of your prayers. This series will end the 16th this month and I would deeply value your covering of it in prayer during this time.

I wish you God’s best this week.

Thank you.